Friday, 16 January 2015

Amazing finds on google earth - Bangalore / Bengaluru

Below is compilation of some amazing finds in Bangalore / Bengalur city. Some are building structures and some interesting finds.

Violin Shaped Building - Pitilu Chowdaiah Memorial Hall

 Chowdaiah Memorial Hall in sadashivnagar. View in google maps.

Pentagon in Bangalore ?

This is no US pentagon. Just a school in the shape of pentagon. View in google maps.

Airplane inside GKVK campus? - Bangalore

No this is not some plane parked inside the GKVK campus, but one of the training planes flying over GKVK campus and trying to land in the adjacent Jakkur air field. View in google maps.

Kempegowda bus station

Populary know as Majestic Bus stand. The structure is in the form of half semi-circles.
This bus stand is a central hub and connects millions of commuters to various part of the city. View in google maps.

BIAL Logo on the ground

This is logo of BIAL near the trumpet intersection flyover just before entering the airport. View in google maps.

A weird looking artificial lake

Don't want to comment on this, but the shape is very weird. View in google maps.