Sunday, 13 April 2008

City Wild Life - Canon Powershot S5IS

If 13 is an unlucky number for some, It was sure a luck one for me. 13-April-2008, 7am. The morning rays were piercing my eyes to awake me for a very promising sunday. Before any thoughts about sunday could creep into my mind, I picked up camera and stepped out. My first shot was a close-up of this tender branch.

Then a shot of a Kite perched on the top of a building. He looked quiet Majestic.

Thrilled with the shots, I went searching for some little cuties. I wandered off into a little open place near my house. The place is surrounded by trees and lots of small bushes. I often see some Mynas or Koels which come there in search of food. Thought let me try my luck!

I did see a Koel but he never sat in one place. For my luck i sighted a Myna taking a stroll on the side walkway. Yippie!!! I was able to freeze 2 frames of that bird.

This guy was munching on some meat. Freezed him too!

Just minutes after all these, some squirrels gave a guest appearance. Believe me they really made my day. They were in a really playful mood and were running crazily here n there. I was just a few feet away from it. What more can i ask for. I got some of the best shots which really made my day. Indeed it was a very lucky day. Rather i would say a very Lucky Morning.

Hey Darling! Dont hide there. Come near me!!!!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Fire - Canon S5IS

Photos taken with my Canon S5IS. I was surprised after seeing the result.


The source of fire.