Thursday, 23 December 2010

Fog covered Bangalore

Can you spot the hebbal flyover in this photo. I took this photo near Esteem mall and you can see the whole area is covered in a thick blanket of fog. I had never seen such thick fog is past 5 years near hebbal.

Fog covered on the road to BIAL

Thick fog near kodigehalli junction

Sun God trying his best to beat the fog

Kodigehalli junction

Spider web covered with mist

Dasarahalli Road

Near our house

Dude! how to get out of this fog....

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Cactus

We bought this Cactus at the Lalbagh Flower show. This show takes place every January during the Indian Republic day. When we bought this cactus, it had one small little flower bud. It was only until december, this cactus showed its true beauty. Suddenly this cactus started popping out small buds at every leaf end and the magic happened between 4th dec to 7th dec. The cactus was in full bloom. (see video below of the transistion)

Later when i checked on the net, I came to know it was a Christmas Cactus. Its so called because it blooms flowers only during the time of Christmas. Also this cactus grows at a elevations between 3300 to 5600 feet. And thankfuly our bangalore is at the perfect elevation for such cactus to grow.