Monday, 24 November 2014

Low cost /DIY car perfume. Make your own car perfume using essential oil. Cheaper car air fresheners.

Tired of using the costly car air freshers? Its time to make your own car perfume / air freshner. This DIY car freshner is very easy to make and the results are very effective. Things you need to make your own car freshner:

  • A small plastic paper cup
  • Tissue paper or old cloth or sponge
  • water
  • Essential oil

First take a small or medium size plastic cup appropriate to fit anywhere in your car.

Next, fold the tissue paper in a manner to fit into the plastic cup. The tissue paper should fit half of the cup as shown in the picture below.

Pour some water into the cup. Pour water as much as the tissue paper can absorb. The idea is to just keep the tissue paper wet.

Ayuralaya Rosemary Essential Oil

After the tissue paper is damp, take a essential oil of your choice and add two or three drops into it. Here I have used Rosemary Essential oil form one of the popular brand called 'Ayuralaya'.Its available in Flipkart, Snapdeal or Amazon. And they are very afford-ably priced. 

The essential oil spreads thru the damp tissue paper and gives a pleasant smell that permeates throughout the car. And your car air freshener is ready to use. Very cost effective and easy to make. Just place it in a cup holder or keep it under the seat. 

Car Air Freshner using essential oil

The smell will last as long as the tissue paper is moist. If it becomes dry, just add little water to get the aroma back. Just the few drops of essential oil will last for weeks. For more varieties of essential oil check