Friday, 7 December 2007

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Photoshop Effects

These are some of my art works created in photoshop


Created using some text, Gaussian blur and multiple times of Wave distort filter



This was created using a online painting tool. Check its cool!!!


Simple gradient and Liquify filter in photoshop


Caption it !

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Signal Free Ring-Road

When the Ring roads were developed in the early 2000, it was a convenient way to drive to far off areas with out having to pass through the heart of the city. One can reach KR Puram from Hebbal in probably 10 or 15 min. Today to cover the same distance one needs at least 30-45 min. This is because numerous layouts have formed on either side of the ring road and thereby creating lot of traffic junctions. On peak hours one has to wait atleast 5-10min on every traffic junction. To add to this people keep flowing from all parts of India to Bangalore every day.
Will a Signal Free Ring road be possible in Bangalore? Well I think so if the following idea is implemented (see image below).

The solution is to build Two 'C' shaped bridge across the highway/ringroad on either side of a junction. Each Bridge will be a one way. As show in the illustration, a person who wants to cross across the ring road, can take a free left turn, climb up the ramp and land on the other side of the road. From here one can either go straight or take a free left turn and enter the cross road.
Following are the advantages of the C shaped bridge
  • Take U turn with ease without affecting traffic flow
  • Every point is free left - so no signal required
  • Traffic flow on ring road will be non-stop
  • Entering into ring road is always a free left turn (no matter if one has to go right or left)

3D View of the flyover.

In case of an underpass, vehicles plying below may flow smooth but on top of it, a signal is very much required. Also the work involved for an underpass is time consuming and might cost much more compared to this system.

The idea described here holds good only for Ring road or any other highway. This method might be difficult to implement within a city.