Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Skanda Giri (Kalavaarahalli Betta)

Beautiful place for your weekend getaway. Although one has to climb upto 4000 ft, the trek is moderate and can reach the top in 2 to 3 hrs time(including breaks).

To Reach there?
Approx 55 Km from the Hebbal flyover(Bangalore)
As you enter chikaballapur town, Take left turn just before Balaji Talkies. This road leads towards TownHall. From here you can ask for directions or you can study the map.
Contact person:
You could contact little Master Amarnath or talk to his dad Veerappa (preferred language - Kannada) Ph: 9341663672.

It all started when I (and my friends) wanted to break free from the daily chores and throw ourselves away from this bustling city. The day was October 2nd 2007 (Gandhi Jayanthi). As planned, we all assembled near HP petrol bunk @ 4.30am near Hebbal Flyover. The weather was quiet chill and perfect to hit the road. With a small discussion on safe riding, we seven guys started off on four bikes.

Before I continue with my narration, Let me introduce you to the star casts. To begin with: ArunKumar (Nvidia-Tech Guy), Vijay(Artist), Rajesh-Alias Munna(Fashion Designer), Iytal ( photo-freak), Sunayan(programmer), Ravi(Maya-expert) and myself Niranjan(Navigator and Graphic Designer).

This was our first trip to Skandagiri and I was the navigator. I had sketched a rough map indicating prominent landmarks and route to reach the hill from Chikaballapur town, All courtesy-wikimapia.
Around 5.15 am we were nearing Chikaballapur town, the weather was slightly rough, and it started to pour incessantly. But undeterred to reach there before sunrise, we rode through the spiking rain. When ever a vehicle approached from the other side, we could see the rain drops spearing like the arrows from the movie ‘300’. It was as if Mother Nature had put us through an endurance test.

At 5.45 am we were near Balaji Talkies in Chikaballapur town. With a little direction help from an early bird, we took a left turn just before the talkies and with the guidance of my sketched map; we reached the foot of the hill at 6.00 am. To our surprise there was a villager turned watch man to welcome us with his not so bright torch. We parked our bikes near his house and started of with our trek.

Wading through the Greenchilly, sevanthige and tomato fields, we were on the initial climb of the hill. From here we could not see the top of the peak, as it was covered with mist. After climbing a few hundreds of feet, it was all woos and wows. The vast expanse of green around was a great visual relief. We all started taking pics with our varied megapixel mobile phones.
... to be continued

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Cycle maadi

Hey you die hard fans of Bangalore (Bengaluru). Wanna contribute yourself to save Bangalore and its environment? Go head, get the dust off your old sports shoe, oil the rusty chains of your bicycle and hit the roads. Yes! I am talking about going green. No you don’t have to cycle all the way to your work place, Just cycle in your neighborhood or in your sprawling IT campus(if you are in one !!)

Where to cycle to?

  • Cycle to the milk booth
  • Cycle to the grocery shop
  • Cycle to the barber shop for your Sunday haircut
  • Cycle early morning for at least 15 min to stay fit
  • Cycle to gopal gowdru’s shop for the daily news paper
  • Cycle to get-together with your friends at your favorite adda

For some inspiration check the following link

Bangalore Roads

Bangalore roads have the best of both worlds. There are good wide roads like the M.G.road, 80 feet road of indiranagar etc. At the same time there are thousands of pathetic roads with lots of potholes, uncovered drainages, non-standard speed breakers and the list never ends. Though government has taken initiative in building Ring-Roads and express ways, I don’t see any initiative in maintaining these nice roads.

Over the past few years Bangalore real-estate has become the mantra for a profitable business. Along with it comes a list of woes for the city.

Trucks carrying construction materials and debris are choking the streets of Bangalore. They are the main culprits who spoil the city roads. These trucks spill sand, stone granules and building debris all along the road. When other vehicles go over these, they spoil the tar layer and in turn create pot holes. Only the government can solve this problem. They should make strict rules wherein trucks carrying building materials should be covered. Any trucks spilling debris shoud be fined heavily. Truck tyres should be cleaned before leaving the construction site.

Many countries follow this practice. Singapore is an good example for this. In any construction site, a person is put in charge near the gate to clean the truck wheels properly and then allow it go outside.

Think Tank - Lake

Bangalore Water Beds.

This is a nice tank just outside the heart of the city. This is the amruthalli kere(lake) spread across 10acres. Its probably 2 kms from the hebbal fly over. Its got a nice island sort of thing in the middle with some trees in it. The trees are home to quiet a few spieces of birds. Parakits have made hanging nests in these trees and they are a delight to watch them. This is the only water body in this area and is helping in maintaining good ground water in the surrounding areas.

Sad part is that the nearby industries and drainage water are sweeping into this lake. God knows how long this lake will survive.

If only government and public come forward, this lake could be turned into a nice park and have jogging track around the lake.

View satellite image of the lake from the following link:


Some of the pictures taken few months ago of the actual state of the lake.