Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Blow painting

This is my first experience doing blow painting. Although i had done this long back during my school days. But this particular art work gave me a sense of joy and satisfaction. The best part of this art is, its very spontaneous and every stroke gives vivid forms. Here in the picture below, I created a card board template of bird, placed it on a white sheet and started blowing colors in all direction.

Normally you would think I used straw to blow paint, but thats a bad idea. I used an old ball pen, removed the refill and the bottom cap which holds the refill. Basically use any kind narrow tube with a tapered end. This will create more air pressure when you blow.

Things you would need to make this type of painting:

  1. Poster colors
  2. Round brush
  3. Color palette
  4. An old ball pen (without refill)
First keep the colors of you choice ready in a palette. Mix water in such a way that its not too thick or very watery. When you put a paint drop and blow, it should move freely and should retain color for a long stroke.
In the artwork above, i cut a template of a bird using thin cardboard. Then one by one, I put color drops at the edge of the template and blow it out wards. And the result, you can see above. Believe me its the most fun art work and gives your great satisfaction. Try it out share me your inputs.