Sunday, 5 January 2014

Mulki - Malgudi days

As the title of this blog post suggests, I experienced a bit of 'Malgudi Days' in a town called Mulki. To give you a little heads-up, Mulki is a small town near Mangalore (Karnataka state, India.)  Last Friday (Jan 3 2014) I was in Padubidri which is again a small town near Mulki. I was there to attend a Wedding of one of our relatives.
The same evening i had to take the train to Bangalore from Mulki Railway station. I had about 3 hrs time at my disposal after the function. So i thought let me explore our small town.

Infact I was looking for a particular Ayurvedic Medicine which my Mom had asked me to buy. My search for a Ayurvedic shop led me to this wonderful lane, which reminds me of 'Malgudi Days'. It looks like time has stood still here in most parts of this street (Except for a police station and few shops).

Some of the shops which caught my attention was:

  • A dothi shop. This shop still have the old wooden shelf's and the owner's cash counter is small wooden sloped desk or a lap desk.
  • Vegetable shop
  • Tobacco Go-down/factory
  • Ayurvedic shop and many more..

I was not able to take much pictures of the lane, but here are few of them to give you an idea:

This house was built in 1923 and was repaired in 1940(No idea why!)

Searching for the Ayurvedic shop. Most of the house

This is how the houses are here.