Sunday, 5 September 2010

My Aquarium

This is my sweet little aquarium. I am maintaining it for the past 5 years. I have some gold fish, SK Gold , shark and one Sucker cat. I dont like plastic plants and what you see in the video below are live plants. I feed my marine friends alternate days. At nights i switch of the aquarium lights. Because fishes dont have eye lids, having continious light will make them restless. Also switching off lights in the night gives them the sense of day & night.

Tips to a healthy aquarium

  • Avoid plastic plants, go for natural water plants
  • Maintain appropriate warm temperature during winters
  • Install a good water filter and clean the filter every week
  • Dont keep the Aquarium light 'ON' the whole night. Fishes dont have eye lids, so by switching off lights in the night will make them relaxed
  • Make sure enough oxygen is fed to the water through your filter. Fishes depend solely on dissolved oxygen in water