Thursday, 8 August 2013

Future of Nano Technology

The following video simply blew my mind. In the video they show about some Nano Technology coating which they put on different types of material, And after that the material does not absorb a single drop of water. Just imagine, having this nano coating put on your Car! You don't have to wash your car and in turn we can save lot of water and also our precious time. Probably there might dust sitting on it, maybe it can be removed thru a blower. Also another wierd idea came to my mind, what if this coating is put on our dining plates !!!! We dont have to wash our plates. ha ha ... (Just that there might be more bacteria build up :] )

But on a serious note, this technology can save lots on money in terms of maintenance free solution. For example: paints on house, machinery, automobiles, furniture and the list is endless.